Emmy Looks

Okay, while I didn't actually watch the Emmy's last night, I did wake up to many photos of all the gorgeous looks. I'm normally not that impressed with fashion at award shows but I felt that last night's did a pretty solid job in that department. So why not take a minute to post my favorite looks from the evening? That's right. I do what I want. See my rebellion below...

January Jones - Any pantsuit that looks this good on a person deserves some recognition. Also, I'm a big fan of brooches and wish they would come back in fashion.

Kerry Washington - First, she's gorgeous; second, she actually looks like a gladiator in this dress. I only had two points for this one. 

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg - I'll make them my favorite couple. I appreciate Andy's black patterned suit, but mostly, Joanna is a badass harpist and her dress is kind of incredible. The top portion reminds me of a vintage floral cameo and the bottom is such a great mix of fabrics. It's possible I love this dress because in some way it reminds me of jewelry. 

It felt good to get this off my chest. That's all for my Emmy fav's (I never said it was a long list). 

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