Sade x Lili Klein Jewelry

Camo, thigh-high boots and Lili Klein Jewelry? Yes, please! The beautiful and talented Sade Spence is rocking all that and more in her latest post. Whether she's on the red carpet or strolling through NYC, she makes it look good.

Sade's blog is a mix of fashion, music and technology -- oh, and she's interviewed all your favorite celebs. So check her out for the latest and greatest in what's next in our trendy world.  

Also, make sure to see her latest post where she's rocking our Silver Mini Topaz Heart Necklace and get all the details on her cozy OOTD. 

Fashion Blogger jewelry

Fashion Blogger jewelry

Fashion Blogger jewelry

Jewelry Making with Six Degree Society

There's something both special and important about groups that bring inspiring and motivating women together, which is why I am so excited to be collaborating with Six Degree Society! Join me and the fabulous women of Six Degree's  on June 14th at Cuyana (an awesome leather goods spot in Venice) for a night of networking, light refreshments and jewelry making!

Also, check out the interview I did with the wonderful Six Degree's founder, Emily Merrell, where I talk about what it's like to start your own (jewelry) business!

Six Degree is "a women focused networking group that comes together through monthly programming to connect and grow." Aka they create awesome events where they handpick matches for each person that they think would enjoy and learn from each other. There is a tremendous amount of effort and thought that goes into each night to make sure it's not only fun but meant to create real relationships between those that attend! 


Look Book Shoot with Of The Momnt!

There's nothing better than collaborating with talented and beautiful people, which is why I've been so lucky to become friends with Ariel from OfTheMomnt.com! She came by the studio and we did a fresh new shoot for our upcoming look book. The pictures look amazing and we'll be posting them over the next few days on all our social sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)! I've posted a few of my favorites here as a sneak peek!

ALSO, in honor of our third collaboration, we created a promo code: OFTHEMOMNT15 - use this on my site (LiliKleinJewelry.com) and get 15% off! 

Fashion Blogger Look Book Shoot
Look Book Shoot Rings

Fashion Week, 1990s

In honor of Fashion Week, I think a little look down memory lane might be fun. Here are some awesome images from the early-Fashion Week beginnings in the 90s. 

Fashion Week 1995

Drew Barrymore and Tim Roth, 1995

Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista, 1992

Fashion Week 1994

Editors, 1994

leonardo dicaprio young

And of course, Leonardo Dicaprio, 1994

You can see more Fashion Week throwbacks here and here.

Interview w/ OfTheMomnt.com!

Good Morning and Happy 2016! 

A few days before the ball dropped Ariel from OfTheMomnt.com came over to interview me and see how Lili Klein Jewelry is made! It was so much fun and the interview and photos look amazing! Here's the link:


And here are a few of my fav photos from the shoot!

Check it out and let me know what you think! 

Morning After Christmas...

The morning after Christmas always feels a little weird to me – I think because there is such a crazy buildup for the holiday, that once it’s over, I’m not quite sure how to snap out of the festivities (not that one should have to). As an admirer of all things cozy and festive, it can be tough to let go, especially when I look outside and see only California Sunshine and no winter wonderland. So to help with my Hallmark Holiday withdrawals, here are a few photos to keep the spirit alive!

I LOVE Lucy...Christmas Special

Our little tree!


This dream house...

And last but not least, our little reindeer!


LOST WAX | the technique

When I started my jewelry making journey, I didn't quite know how to get past the basic beading and wirework that's very much a gateway to more advanced techniques. The fact that I didn't wear large beaded pieces only added to my impatience - I wore metal jewelry and wanted to learn how to make something from nothing; how to bring my own design to life - I just needed to find out how. Enter the lost wax technique, or more commonly, lost wax casting. A process of metalsmithing that dates back almost 5000 years. And while that may sound impressive, I was not yet born so I shouldn't get credit for lost wax of Christmas' Past.

*^Start to finish

Before we go too far back, let me explain the process. It's a pretty straightforward technique. You begin with a wax model, a design that has been sculpted from wax or clay (see photo below), this is then placed inside a cylindrical canister. Once secured, a plaster-type material is injected into the canister and quickly surrounds and hardens around the wax piece(s) inside. It is then heated up and the wax liquifies and drips out, aka lost wax (eureka!). In the canister is now a mold in the shape of your design where the wax once was. The liquid metal is then injected into that negative space, hardens, and is then removed from the fill. After that, the piece can be polished, stones can be set and jewelry is born. This is not a process only used for jewelry, and it's important to note that this is a fairly general overview of the technique. That being said, it's a pretty awesome and primitive form of metalsmithing that deserves recognition. 

*^Original wax models

It is also important to note how the wax piece is originally made, as that part can vary significantly. In todays world, many wax models are created using software programs that create a digital rendering and then print a 3D model. I use an alternative way of making each wax piece, which is all done by hand. I heat up wax and drip it down in layers to build up the general outline and/or shape of the design, I then use tools to carve and sculpt each piece to completion and create the details in each design. The photo below shows the tools used for this part - it's an incredibly peaceful and inspiring medium, and definitely my favorite part of the process. 

And there you have it: A quick and easy rundown of the Lost Wax Casting process. All Lili Klein Jewelry is made using this technique, drawing inspiration from artists past and present, all of whom have created so much from this incredible process. 

Recent Look Book Shoot!

Hi There!

This morning I woke up really excited to share some photos from a recent look book shoot for Lili Klein Jewelry! I was lucky to befriend the beautiful Ariel, from OfTheMoment.com; a really insightful fashion blog with inspirational musings and behind the scenes looks at trade shows and runways alike! Definitely be sure to check it out! I was also lucky enough to have it shot by the wonderful Josh Gross - he's a wiz with the camera and has an amazing eye for photography. It was such a fun day and I am not over how awesome the photos came out. 

So without further ado, here are some of my favorites.

Look book fashion blogger jewelry shoot

jewelry lookbook shoot

jewelry fashion lookbook shoot

P.S. We had a special cameo by our very own LKJ mascot, Benni! 

Be sure to check out Ariel and Josh's work. They're both incredibly talented!

Ariel: OfTheMomnt.com | @OfTheMomnt

Josh: @The.Junction

Signing off!



Emmy Looks

Okay, while I didn't actually watch the Emmy's last night, I did wake up to many photos of all the gorgeous looks. I'm normally not that impressed with fashion at award shows but I felt that last night's did a pretty solid job in that department. So why not take a minute to post my favorite looks from the evening? That's right. I do what I want. See my rebellion below...

January Jones - Any pantsuit that looks this good on a person deserves some recognition. Also, I'm a big fan of brooches and wish they would come back in fashion.

Kerry Washington - First, she's gorgeous; second, she actually looks like a gladiator in this dress. I only had two points for this one. 

Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg - I'll make them my favorite couple. I appreciate Andy's black patterned suit, but mostly, Joanna is a badass harpist and her dress is kind of incredible. The top portion reminds me of a vintage floral cameo and the bottom is such a great mix of fabrics. It's possible I love this dress because in some way it reminds me of jewelry. 

It felt good to get this off my chest. That's all for my Emmy fav's (I never said it was a long list). 

Lili Klein Jewelry | The Blog

Hi all!

While Lili Klein Jewelry launched earlier this year (Feb 2015!), today I am starting a blog to go with my collection. Each piece is not only a labor of love, but it’s very much representative of who I am, so I figure I should not only thank you for visiting my site, but also introduce myself a little bit more.

My name is Liliana, I live and create in Los Angeles, CA, and I have the cutest little pup in the world named Benni (She’s the LKJ unofficial mascot – see pic below)! I am 26 years young, quite outspoken, and far too nostalgic for my age. I grew up loving the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and now early millennia – pretty much all the awesome decades before the present; I’m sure I’ll love this one in about ten years. I’ve watched The Breakfast Club more times than I can count, grew up an avid Spice Girls fan and was a Women Studies major in college (go figure). I collected Archie Comics until I was thirteen, saw Aaron Carter live and painted Georgia O’Keefe flowers growing up (you know, the ones that look like…ahem).

If the list above seems like a somewhat random and miscellaneous way of describing bits and pieces of myself, it’s probably because it is. I’m not a fashionista – and this wont be a style blog – mostly because it wouldn’t be a very good one. This blog is meant to be fun posts of inspiration, behind the scenes looks at the jewelry making process, and funny or interesting anecdotes I find worthy – ooh, it will also include puppy pics. I’m a really big fan!

 Hope you enjoy the content – and of course, my jewelry!

 P.S. If you want even more fun posts and daily updates, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

IG: @LiliKleinJewelry

Facebook: Facebook.com/LiliKleinJewelry



This me. I really only have one pose, so most pictures look exactly like this one with different backgrounds.

And more importantly, here is Benni! She is half Mini Goldendoodle, half Toy poodle, and all around troublemaker. I adore her!

She’s also a fan of Sperry’s, so she’s got a fun, boating style happening in this pic!